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Can I ride my Side By Side on Paved Streets in Nevada?

If you are properly equipped and registered – you may ride on General County and Minor County roads.  You must have the  Alternative registration  (stars on the sticker). It is your responsibility to know if that road is open to OHV. You can find more details at NRS 490

Do I need to wear a Helmet on an SxS? ATV? Dirtbike?

YES – if you are the driver.    Nevada Requires helmets any time you are operating on a road, or trail that is open to plated street-legal vehicles.  You can find more details at NRS 490

Can ATV or SxS without the alternative Registration operate on the pavement?

Sometimes.  If a community passes an ordinance it is allowed. And then ONLY to get from private property to Public Lands –   We are working on a comprehensive listing but you can check the local code for where you are riding here 



Ely is one of the best Mountain Towns in America.

That they allow for OHV’s to park and stay downtown at any of the hotels, or grab a bite to eat is a HUGE bonus.


Elko has one of the most welcoming and broad regulations allowing for you to Ride into and out of the city. 


Mesquite, like Elko, has a very broad ordinance allowing for street use of OHV,  they also allow Golf Carts.