Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom Isn’t Free.

The town of Silverton Colorado just passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of SxS on their town streets. This is due to the blatant disrespect to the hosts, the citizens of Silverton by the Off-Highway Vehicle Community. Turns out intoxicated operators, loud pipes, speeding, and music blaring all hours of the night has infringed on your “Freedom”. If you don’t see this as a problem, the loss of freedom, caused by our poor behavior, it may be time for you to sell your ride and take up stamp collecting. This is 100 percent our fault. We earned this. 

It is time we claim our Freedom with action, not just American flag waving or platitudes of thanks to our vets, — it is time for you to act, and before you get the idea this is a revolutionary movement rest assured this is not a go grab your “official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time” to march on the capitol. It is simply time that all members of our community stop accepting defeat after defeat in land issues and use policy. 

With the Red Ryder option hardly a successful strategy what does work? The same thing that those in opposition to motorized offroad recreation have used. Organization and membership. 

It certainly isn’t Facebook Groups or Meet-Up lists, they are wonderful for meeting planning and are an effective component to the structured “brick and mortar club” but they are not a replacement for one. 

So #joinaclub

Because it is time for you to step up and show that you understand that Freedom Isn’t Free by you — .. yes YOU..  the person reading this * Y* O*U* joining a real club, a brick-and-mortar club, without being part of the group that is fighting for you… we will not win, we will lose more again and again. 

The politicians see value in clubs with members, those are real numbers real people,, they see no value in your private facebook ride club –

And those who are fighting on your behalf clubs, or other groups who work day in and day out, on your behalf, they will listen to your bitch about your local problem, but they are looking for a force that can be counted on when we need them.

If you want to continue to ride, you understand this is no longer a choice your Freedom to ride hangs in the balance. 

So, it is up to you, Work for your club, or if you can’t afford the time, reach into your pocket toss $ to a club, let them add you to their roster, and have your voice heard. 

Because Freedom Isn’t Free.  

A listing of brick and mortar clubs can be found at

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