It Takes a Partnership

This is the second in a series discussing grant funding, including some general editorial comments on the processes, and uses.

The Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles grant application is submitted via PDF/Word document that allows a project manager to work on it at their own pace. One is not necessarily needing to log into a remote cloud system repeatedly to update the application. While there are benefits to the current system as well as limitations, should the State migrate to a Cloud-based application or stick with the current system, the end result remains the same. When you have addressed all five of the required sections and added the required attachments, you should be good to go.

Two of the required items that are often confused include “Item 8” the landowner letter, and “Item 10” letter of support. 

The best practice is to have a draft of your grant application and provide it to the landowner/manager and any group from which you are seeking support. This is primarily because the letters of support should directly identify that they are written to support your request for funding for the specific project. The first item (#8) is a letter of agreement between your group and the Landowner or Public Lands managers. This should be self-explanatory as no commission should award a grant in which the person in charge of that land doesn’t know about the proposed work. 

For item #10, the letters of support can come from anyone. 

Nevada Offroad Association (NORVA) believes that members of the Offroad Community should have letters from others within that same community but having letters from outside can offer significant insight and value. 

And while there is no requirement, NVORA strongly believes that an application for grant funding, from a group that is not part of the registered OHV community, should include at least one letter from an organization that pays into the account that is funding these requests. 

For example 

If the Acme Rocket Club, Wyle E. Coyote President, is seeking to fund a staging area that is to be used for rocket launches, as well as provide extra parking for OHV riders, may in fact benefit the OHV community. However not having a letter of support from the local Rock-Bottom Off-Road Club, Mr. Road Runner President, may raise an eyebrow from those who have paid into the funding. And while this may appear to be an ideal dual-use project, it appears that no one from the motorized community is supporting the project. 

For those who see our role as the protectors of your OHV registration dollars, these types of grant requests tend to look like a group simply seeing a bag of free money and remarking “let’s go get some”. This is unfortunate, as the more likely situation is only because the Coyote simply did not ask the Road Runner for input and a support letter.  

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