Making Progress with the Government

The mission of the Nevada Offroad Association is to work on behalf of all stakeholders in Offroad Recreation. 

With about 50,000 Off-Highway Vehicles registered in Nevada and another half that again not registered by requirement or other reasons, our community is the largest recreational user of Nevada’s Public Lands.  

Motorized Offroad Recreation adds a minimum of  90 million dollars to the Nevada Economy each year.

So we take working with the federal managers of your Public Lands, as a high priority and a focus that needs to always be on our schedule when moving forward for you, the Nevada Offroader. 

Yet there is a time when it is clear that there is someone else who can do a better job of describing the process, and that person is the one-time resident of Storey County Nevada, Mr. Mark Twain.

Please listen to The Facts in the Case of the Great Beef Contract 

If you substitute, 

Access and Improvement for Beef and Contract you will understand the hurdles we jump over to protect your access, and make your riding experience better. . 


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