Desert Vets Racing (DVR)

Desert Vets Racing (DVR)

Providing a Unique Approach to Helping Our US Military Veterans of all Generations Through Off-Road Racing

Desert Vets Racing (DVR) is determined to provide immediate team-building, vocational skills, and mental health support access through the sport of racing to US military veterans and active-duty personnel – in order to facilitate healthy transitions into civilian life and lower the risk of suicide and substance abuse dependencies.

We believe that the growth of locally oriented grassroots activities that involve a combination of technical skills, adrenaline, team effort, and business/marketing skills will ultimately provide a missing piece to the “veteran puzzle” in minimizing the mental health and substance-related struggles we see today.

The facts are disturbing and Federal agencies cannot keep up. A small fraction of veterans are thriving, but many are facing immense struggles. We cannot wait for the system to fix itself – we must help via a grassroots approach.

What veterans and active duty men and women truly need is a transitional venue or platform to:

  • Build and maintain a sense of group and purpose with like-minded people
  • Provide access to mentally and physically stimulating, but healthy activities
  • Provide access to civilian vocational and career-building skills that leverage past military experience
  • Serve as a safety net for mental health crisis both in terms of financial support and a liaison to higher levels of care through the VA or other non-profit mental health/substance abuse programs
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