Offroad – Started With Larry’s Gourmet Coffee

Last week the Nevada Offroad Association headed out to Lyon County Nevada – meeting up with the team from Nevada Off Highway Vehicle program and Nevada Trail Mapping Collaborative to ride with the folks from the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center.  

Dayton, located along US -50 in the valley between the Pine Nut and Virginia mountain ranges creating an ideal spot for those who want to ride the old mining trails that cover the hills on both sides of US-50. Understanding that the motorized offroad community adds over 80 million dollars annually to the Nevada economy, the chamber and visitor center knew they can support their local businesses if they encourage riders to come to the Dayton valley and hit the trails.

Of course, any good starts with a quality rally point and that was none other than the surprisingly wonderful Larrys Gourmet Coffee House. “Surprisingly wonderful” is the only way Larry’s can be described. It is located in an unassuming building across the street from the Sinclair service station on Silver Street, in downtown Dayton.  Once you walk in you are greeted by Larry and his team, and an impressive collection of hot coffee, bagged coffee, and more homemade biscotti than anyone could attempt to eat in a week!  With Larry’s welcoming personality and the assistance of his barista,  this solidly puts Larrys Gourmet Coffee house on our stop when headed out to ride the trails along US-50.

This ride was not all about coffee, it was actually a working ride for the assembled teams. A ride designed to verify, or ground proof the trails along the Como Road to the Old Palmyra mining district. We also stopped by to see what was left of the charcoal ovens along the north end of Eldorado Canyon. With Dayton being the oldest settlement in Nevada the entire area oozes history to anyone interested in exploring the hills.

Thise visits and the mapping are just a couple of the steps underway to help improve the OHV experience here in Nevada.

Nevada Offroad and the other stakeholders discussed the opportunities for an OHV club in the valley and how partnering with Dayton Visitors Center and Lyon county could make this a destination to the OHV community  encouraging,  camping, riding and heading into town for lunch,  dinner, maybe a  casino and other shops – and of course Larrys Gourmet Coffee.

If your local community would like more information about how to leverage the spending power of the offroad community, or about the grant funding available for OHV projects contact the Nevada Offroad Association. 

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