You will be losing trails and Access

Let’s start with the TLDR. (Too long didn’t read)

You will be losing trails and access unless you join or start a formal club soon. 

That may sound like gloom and doom, yet it is the case.  

The adversaries to motorized OffRoad recreation are stocked full of clubs and their members all have a voice.  

Do you want those adversaries to OffRoad to speak for you?

Do you want the groups who would in their perfect word eliminate all OHV on public land?

If not,  Join a Club. 

So why now?  – What has changed?

The September meeting of the Nevada OHV grant commission wrapped up this week.  Topics covered included the NV OHV Grant program scoring /weight criteria, and most importantly for this writing.

The Nevada office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Statewide Resource Management Plan. 

What does the RMP have to do with you losing your riding area?

Everything!  –  

Ok to be fair the RMP isn’t going to be finished tomorrow and its goal is not to restrict your ability to ride on federally managed Public Lands.  It is however the instrument that starts all the plans that will specifically impact your favorite riding place.

The RMP is a document that sets the framework for all the other subordinate plans to work from. Some of the topics in that framework include; Forestry and Woodland, Livestock & Grazing, Geology & Minerals, Back Country Byways, Renewable Energy, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) perhaps one of the more controversial topics -we will cover WSA in a future post- and of course Recreation

What is different about this RMP is it will be the first time one has been created for an entire state.  Traditionally the RMPs are by special use or district office. 

This is an ambitious plan. NVORA supports this idea, will assist where we are asked and help if we can.  

But  –  We – Nevadans –  have been promised this before many, many (many….)  times.  the RMP will be out soon.

With a typical RMP having a lifespan of 9 or 10 years one can understand our skepticism as the average age of BLM RMPs in Nevada is 22 years.  

Yes – twenty two years.  A length of time that is a repulsive display of disrespect to Nevadans by the BLM. 

So we are hopeful and will keep an eye on this, and as noted above we will help where asked…    but sadly we are prepared for this to be Lucy holding the football once again. 

Submission note this blog post may be updated as items are corrected and edits will be noted 

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